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     Prescription Veterinary Paste
     Rapid Healing of Oral
     Ulcerations, Erosions, Stomatitis
     Perio-gingival Inflammation and Oral Wounds

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   Mucosalfate™ is a new 
   veterinary solution 
   for the management of 
   oral ulcers and wounds 
   in the mucosa linings 
   of horses, dogs and cats  

   Mucosalfate™ is an 
   advanced re-formulation 
   of standard sucralfate 
   (Polymerized and 
   cross-linked sucralfate)

   Mucosalfate™ addresses 
   the unmet veterinary 
   needs caused by mild 
   to moderate gingivitis 
   and chronic paradental 
   stomatitis (CUPS)

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